History and Heritage

Gwrhyd, Gwrhyd Mountain

It is hard to believe that this: 'solitary small chapel was once central for the inhabitants who came on horseback or were accustomed to walking long distances. By the side of the chapel was a dry walled building for keeping horses while their owners worshipped.'

All I found in the old building at the side were several old jackdaw nests, but the stone mentioned in his book as being on the north wall and carved with the words 'Capel y Gwrhyd a adeiladwyd gan yr Annibynnwyr yn y flwyddyn 1856' was there.

Those particular photographs I took in 2006 although this chapel is one we drive to very often as there is something about the remoteness which enables one to unwind, certainly on top of the Gwrhyd the cobwebs get blown away!

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