History and Heritage

Godre'rgraig School, Ystalyfera

From the Llais

The Llais newspaper had always included a round-up of happenings at schools, especially if a festivity or a performance had occurred recently.

The Labour Voice newspaper, Saturday March 6th 1926 reports on the recent Saint David's Day festivities at the school:-


Saint David's Day was celebrated at Godre'rgraig Mixed School in a very impressive manner, when a miscellaneous programme of a high standard was gone through by the scholars. A feature of the proceedings was the Welsh folk songs given by Standards I., II. and III. (girls) who were daintily attired, and performed in a charming and delightful manner. Each member of the staff gave a lesson on "The Significance of Saint David's Day" and the headmaster, Mr D L Rees, gave an address on "Henry Richard, the Apostle of Peace"...

PTA For Godre'rgraig Primary School

From The Voice newspaper, 13th February 1964 comes a report on the formation of a Parent Teacher Association at Godre'rgraig Primary School:-


Parents of children attending Godre'rgraig Primary School have formed an association with the staff of the school - The Godre'rgraig Primary School Parent Teacher Association.
A statement from the secretary of the Association: Mrs Ann Davies of Darren House, Graig Road, Godre'rgraig says the aims of the body will be:
To form a bond between the home and the school
To consider together subjects which are of interest to all who have to deal with children and
To work together for the betterment of the children, the school and the community in general
Mrs Davies said an appointment committee would first petition Glamorganshire Education Committee for the provision of a nursery class at Godre'rgraig School.

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