Ystalyfera History

Chapels of Rhiwfawr and Gwrhyd

Gwrhyd Chapel was built in 1856 and incorporated in 1857. Before its construction, worshippers would go to Carmel, Cwmgors, Cwmllynfell Chapel or Pantteg, Ystalyfera.

Rhiwfawr Chapel was constructed 1876 as a branch of Cwmllynfell Chapel.

In 1891 Rhiwfawr Chapel became an independent chapel in its own right.

From 1892 Rhiwfawr Chapel shared a joint ministry with Gwrhyd Chapel, uniting to give the call to Rev James Edwards of Canaan, Swansea.

They would share a joint pastorate 1892-1903 and from 1906 until the mid 1940s, latterly under Rev William D Roderick, who was a towering figure in the religious and social life of the district.

Today, Rhiwfawr Chapel has been converted into a private house, whilst Gwrhyd Chapel remains in operation. It can be noted that on top of the grave of Rev William Roderick in Gwrhyd cemetery, is a memorial in his honour, clearly originally wall-mounted, and probably removed from Rhiwfawr Chapel when it closed, and placed upon his grave.

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Rhiwfawr Chapel

Rhiwfawr Chapel stood on the main road through Rhiwfawr, on the right hand side as you go up the hill. It has now closed, and been converted to a private house.
Go the Rhiwfawr Chapel webpage.

Gwrhyd Mountain Chapel

Gwryhd Mountain Chapel is on the main road across the Gwrhyd Mountain, accessed from Rhiwfawr or Cwmllynfell, on the left hand side as you head across to Rhydyfro.
Go the Gwrhyd Mountain Chapel webpage.