History and Heritage

Ystalyfera Commmercial History

Commercial History of Ystalyfera focuses on the industries, businesses and trades of the town and the buildings, works and legacy of this heritage.


Ever since the formation of YEARGroup I have been determined to focus on one project that is of a very great personal interest, but as the group only had one other lady, the gentlemen preferred to continue researching subjects which were close to their hearts; collieries, the Swansea Canal, railways and of course public houses.

I did branch off on my own to research Ystalyfera Iron Works but because that then led onto the churches and chapels I had to put the early traders on the back burner.

After almost fourteen years of research I do believe that if the time is not right now I shall run out of time so I AM going to take a look at the businesses that were a part of the history of Ystalyfera.

The only difference to my original plan is the fact that because of my work in the cemeteries I can now, in most instances, record the final resting places of the families who came to Ystalyfera to make their living.

Anyone who has been bitten by the "research bug" knows however that it is an ongoing concern and the route will branch away from time to time and it takes every bit of determination to get back on track. So when a file has, in my opinion, sufficient material to make a folder I shall let Jon have it and he can enter it onto the site and I apologise from the beginning, because I shall start be researching the businesses that I find interesting. I only hope you all as readers agree.

Val Trevallion