Ystalyfera Cricket Club

Documenting local cemeteries over the last 18 years, many of those who have passed remain very much alive in my memory as fathers, brothers, sons, uncles etc. I can recall their last resting place but often wonder what these people looked like.
Noel Watkins, fellow historian, left me a selection of his research and amongst the treasures were photographs of the Ystalyfera Cricket Team. These photographs were used when he helped Bernant Hughes compile his books: Ystalyfera Memories and Stepping Stones in the History of Ystalyfera.
I recognise so many of the cricketers' names and it highlights the importance of matching the exact name to a face when photographs are taken and making sure the photograph is labelled.

An advertisement on behalf of the Ystalyfera Cricket Club appeared in the Llais 1915 inviting tenders for the grazing of cattle and sheep on the Ynisydarren field for the coming season. The satisfactory maintenance of the hedges was one of the terms of the conditions of letting. The field was rented by the Cricket Club and quoting from Bernant Hughes Book: The Ystalyfera Cricket Club announced in March 1919 that it would commence the coming season "in proper post-war manner":
Dick Williams became the first player to score a century for the club in 1911 and as the Club had already considered in 1914 to build a pavilion and it was apparently going from strength to strength
Sadly two gentlemen would not return to take up the game: Private David John Jones, a member of the YCC died a prisoner of war in Turkey in 1917, but remembered on the Ystalyfera WWI War Memorial and Second Lieutenant Owen Gwilym ["O G"] Jones Science Master at Ystalyfera County School died in action in Egypt, also remembered on the Ystalyfera WWI War Memorial

Val Trevallion